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Doctor John Utila Nation

Doctor John is an international persona who epitomizes the eccentric and colorful island lifestyle of Utila. Dropping off the grid in the early 2000’s, his legend has grown amongst tourists and the farthest reaches of social media as an internet celebrity. Join us for this candid interview that celebrates “The Mera Verga,” and his story.

Melgar Reports: La Ceiba, Utila, & Cayos Cochinos

Join Carlos and Irina as they follow the PromoDias Community exploring La Ceiba, Pico Bonito National Park, and Cayos Cochinos. In this episode of Melgar Reports; the traveling duo set out to find the best Baleada in Honduras, they get their adrenaline pumping with Omega Tours Jungle Lodge, enjoying organic snack, then discover Garifuna traditions […]

Miss Honduras World Pageant

In Honduras we have the most beautiful women, get to know this year’s candidate who is representing Honduras in China for Miss World.

Lets Go Copan Ruinas!

Welcome to the picturesque western village of Copan Ruinas, located in Honduras only 10 minutes from the Guatemala border. We teamed up with Avistar Productions to bring you a little closer. This collaboration was brought to you by Hedman Alas, PromoDias, y Avistar Productions.


Jose Chinchilla interviews Tanya, the founder of “Twisted,” a local hotspot in Copan Ruinas Honduras. This interview was filmed improv on a cell phone as part of a Vlogger excursion sponsored by Hedman Alas and PromoDias. Members of the PromoDias Community have special incentives at all the businesses we work with.

The Utila Dream Ferry Terminal

Alisha Bush briefly tells us about the Utila Dream Ferry’s new terminal in Utila.

Cangrejal River Valley

Add Rafting the Cangrejal River to your Bucket List! We visit Omega Tours Eco Jungle Lodge and spend some time with the inspiring people who lead this innovative eco-friendly resort concept in Honduras.

Take a Suitcase Change a Life!

Not Just Tourists Toronto is a non-profit organization that promotes a different type of tourism, volunteers can bring suitcases of supplies to developing countries where they already plan on visiting for travel. All suitcases are donated, packed and organized by volunteers, and all customs paperwork is provided for the traveller. The supplies donated are typically […]

Real LEDGE Honduras

Real LEDGE Honduras is a training program that teaches people how to become an entrepreneur. They give an annual training that gives teachers ideas for implementing entrepreneurship activities in their schools. This is very important for a healthy society because entrepreneurs are job creators who keep the economy moving. We need them. If you want […]